The Third Ending is:

Andrew Curtis – guitar, backing vocals, programming
Cornel Ianculovici – bass guitar, backing vocals
Andrew Knott – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Nick Storr – lead vocal, keyboards, guitar, programming

The Third Ending independently released their self-titled debut in 2005, quickly selling out their initial pressing before being snapped up by Californian label Prog Rock Records. The album was re-released early the following year, and met with excellent reviews. DPRP called it ‘Perfectly played and arranged… intelligently written, original and diverse’, Sea of Tranquility likened the band’s style and level of musicianship to Dream Theater and early Spocks Beard, and at least one email came in suggesting that their choruses were “too perfect” or something (it was written by somebody without their own review website however, so the band has elected to ignore it, and to continue to be as perfect as possible.)

After a few years wandering around in the wilderness of day-jobs, marriages, babies, and mortgages, The Third Ending are back, and this time it’s… well, slightly heavier I guess…

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